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Episode 1411: Once in a Blue Moon


Parley is a great tradition. According to its principles, potential enemies or combatants may meet under a truce to talk and discuss matters of import without threat of being attacked.

This of course relies on the concept of honour: both having it yourself and trusting that your opponent also has it. So things can sometimes get a little sticky if the two sides really don't trust one another.

Which makes it a perfect thing to suggest in a roleplaying game. Have the PCs about to launch the Earth-shattering final assault on the Big Bad they've been chasing across a dozen separate adventures to bring the year-long campaign to a glorious climax... and the enemy walks out defenceless in front of them and requests parley.


Luke: Emperor Palpatine. I came to talk to you.
Palpatine: Whatever happened to the principles of parley? Why is he handcuffed?
Darth Vader: Appearances. It wouldn't look good to walk around with a loose Rebel.
Palpatine: Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.
Luke: Speaking of weapons, we need to talk about this new Peace Moon.
Darth Vader: The Rebels plan to destroy it.
Palpatine: Why? {to Vader}
Palpatine: Why would you want to destroy a monument to peace? {to Luke}
Luke: Your last one destroyed Naboo.
Palpatine: This one is far bigger; far better; far more peaceful!
Leia: Has he ever thought about making his superweapons smaller, worse, and actually peaceful?
C-3PO: So, not actually super, and not actually a weapon?
R2-D2: What use is that?

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Published: Tuesday, 27 September, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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