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<     Episode 1851: The Guns of Never-Own     >

Episode 1851: The Guns of Never-Own


Combat is a mainstay of many roleplaying games, and rules systems often devote a large fraction of their word count to the mechanics of resolving combat situations. But it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. There are many genres in which combat can be a rare event, or even never occur at all. Mystery investigation, political intrigue, exploration and discovery, mercantile trading, emergency rescue, survival - to name a few.

So don't immediately throw lots of big guns into the mix.

Unless of course you want to.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Another hint to Corey's campaign! So we've got "the party never fails", "big guns", "lots of combat", and "turning a big gun against the villain before they pull something else". Unfortunately for me, I don't consume a lot of movie media and my Google-fu level isn't good enough to find anything that seems likely based on those items, so I've got nothing for guesses as to what it's referencing.

I had to go find an animation reference for walking for the first panel. I never realized how unnatural people look when they start walking until I noticed the dude on the right and then got stuck trying to figure out if that could be an organic person or a robot with a very bad gait.

Jim! Reengage! Roleplaying's over for now!

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Not sure what to say here. A study in black and white? Comments on how there are no shades of gray in this organization? What looks like two different groups of troopers (Well, Knights of Ren and Imperial Stormtroopers)?

We do get to start considering the intermission campaign now. Lots of guns, using a big gun against the big bad, Sally playing the villain - so now we see where she is learning this.

Hmm... Lots of guns... Big twist... Matrix?


Poe: Do I see any guns? Preferably big ones?
Kylo Ren: It’s a shame you and Annie missed Corey’s campaign. Plenty of big guns.
BB-8: Yep. Heaps of epic combats!
Finn: Was there much roleplaying?
GM: Oh yes. Corey got Sally to help him out by playing the villain.
Kylo Ren: It was fun!
BB-8: And to help me with the worldbuilding.
GM: We managed to use one of her huge guns against her. But then she got... creative.
Finn: Sounds interesting.
Poe: Sounds awesome!
Poe: Almost as awesome as me finding some guns right now...

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Published: Thursday, 11 June, 2020; 03:11:15 PDT.
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