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Episode 1813: Statue of Imitations


Welcome to the first of three intermission strips following our Muppet Show storyline. There was a long-standing line in our story notes saying "Venus di Milo is a clone of a statue of Wedge." I recall when we came up with that we all thought it was so hilariously nonsensical that we had to use it somehow. It never made it into the official story, so here it is now.


Nûwsreader: Attenzione! Attenzione! Zees eez un urzhent broadcast for all biolozhical life forms!
Nûwsreader: Ze droids from Kamino, do not trust zem!
Nûwsreader: Don't let zem perform zeir song! It eez—
[SFX]: krash!
GM: A marble statue drops on the broadcaster.
[SFX]: thud! {it's the Venus de Milo}
Luke: What was that?
Miss Piggy: I had to silence him.
Luke: You did that, Wedge?
Miss Piggy: Well my clone did.
Luke: Your clone dropped a statue on him?
Miss Piggy: No, my clone is the statue. Shapeshifter, remember.
Luke: Whaaa?
Miss Piggy: Well, technically he's a clone of a statue of me.
R2-D2: Wait. That just made less sense.
Miss Piggy: You gotta learn to just stop asking at some point, good buddy.

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Published: Sunday, 01 March, 2020; 02:11:09 PST.
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