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Episode 1731: Jyn and Krennic: With a Twist


Reclaiming your name or your family heritage is a dramatic story arc moment. It can happen through discovery of who you really are, discovery of who your parents are, reconciliation with estranged family, or discovery of where your lost family is. Family provides strong character hooks, so make sure to say something about them in character backgrounds, even if it's something as simple as you don't know who your parents are.

That provides a hook for the GM, or the player and GM working together, to define some story events that build on the background. Why did the parents go missing? Where are they? What things have they done? Are they keen to find their missing child, or not?

And if the background says the hero knows their family, and where they live, you can use the existence of these people as hooks as well. They can get into trouble, or make requests that lead to adventure opportunities.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

He's back?

He's back??

This is a guy who fell down the deep hole onto a grate, and who would have had to have climbed up while injured, not have run into any other security guards, managed to remain silent, ...

And there are no other ships shooting at them? Is the air battle completely over at this point? No reinforcements for the good guys from outer space?

Obviously, the reinforcements are so busy engaging the Imperial air defenses that everyone is leaving the platform alone, even to the point that we're not seeing any ships flying around in the background of any of these screenshots.

Seriously though, are there no other security forces around?

It's a good thing Bria dropped one of those blasters down onto the grate; Cassian would have been unarmed otherwise.

But it looks like Bria, I mean Jyn, might be willing to make up and forgive her father.

Ahh, a touching, Disney moment. You'd think that Disney bought Star Wars or something.

— Keybounce


Krennic: Whatever you Rebels are up to here, it's over. I've won. You're the last of your pitiful little band. And now—
[SFX]: Pow!
{Cassian appears behind Krennic and shoots him in the back; Krennic collapses}
[SFX]: crumple...
Bria: Cassian! I left you for dead!
Cassian: Bria! Are you okay?
Bria: That's not my name.
Cassian: What?
Bria: My name is Jyn Erso, daughter of Galen Erso.
Cassian: I know, but—
Jyn: It's okay, I found out my father hated PowerPoint the whole time!
Cassian: So... he was a good guy all along?
Jyn: Yeah, maybe... He did some evil things, but I'll let that slide.

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Published: Thursday, 15 November, 2018; 02:11:01 PST.
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