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Episode 1562: Baze Theorem


Every so often while running a game, randomly deny the players some inconsequential piece of information. It has to be utterly trivial, irrelevant to their mission, and completely useless, so it doesn't matter if they don't have access to it. But make a point of pointing out that they don't know it.

Watch them try every trick in the book to learn what this bit of information is. If they get creative enough, you can even let them have it.

Instant player satisfaction, without giving away all the info that you want to keep mysterious for now. Sometimes running a game is very much like being a stage magician.

Pete will always be concerned with the location of a Star Destroyer. Because clearly every monk needs their own Star Destroyer.

"That's probably what I was thinking". This is a great line. Pete really was just pulling the triangulation thing out of thin air, but in swoops Jim to throw enough technobabble at the GM (yes, it's real physics, but to the GM it's likely just technobabble) that he agrees to it. In fact, he even over-agrees.

Was Pete trying to get a second familiar? What senses would this one have? If Pete has speech and hearing, and Baze has sight... well technically speech isn't a sense, and they both have touch, taste, and smell, so... this guy I guess couldn't have anything. He doesn't sound like he'd be overly helpful...

Unless he was a droid of course. A non-speaking droid. A non-speaking droid with no obvious eyes that has to rely on sensors.

This sounds familiar.

— aurilee

We have our two red robes again. They are farmers worried about the black alpha sub-noise. Clearly, they know someone is about to die :-).

But that will be a plot complication for later. Right now, we have a big old woofer. A bass system so powerful you feel it in your bones. All we need is an engineer (call him "Spanners") that is willing to pulse the engines on and off to a beat.

We might then have some music that you can dance to, music that (as the ship is taking off), would be singing something like "To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left..."

Hey, that's it. We need a crossover between Irregular Webcomic's Space theme and Darths & Droids.

(No, pulsing the engines like that won't crash the ship, at least, not unless you name the engineer "Serron". So I guess we can use the name of the engineer, once revealed, to tell us what happens to the ship, right?)

— Keybounce


Space Nun 1: The Black Alpha sub-noise signal just spiked.
Space Nun 2: This is bad. We should get back to the farm.
GM: As the mercenaries drag you off you feel the mighty roar of the star destroyer's engines.
Chirrut: You said feel, not just hear, right?
GM: Yeah.
Chirrut: So Baze can feel it too. I can triangulate the trajectory.
GM: Um... I don't think you can do that.
Kyle: No, you totally can! Subsonic wavelengths are tens of metres, but you don't need that baseline to perform crude aperture synthesis interferometry.
Chirrut: Yeah, that's probably what I was thinking.
GM: Okay. The ship heads south-east as it climbs at a 36 degree angle. Happy?
Kyle: Actually they wouldn't get that azimuthal resolution. Or the climb angle without a third receiver.
Chirrut: Ooh. Can I get—
GM: No.

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Published: Tuesday, 17 October, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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