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Episode 1554: Smack-Nose Intolerant


Quick thinking in dangerous situations is good!

Except when combined with slow thinking.

Cassian is not exactly faring well here with his colleagues. Bria is a barely-controlled, impulsive and unfortunately important asset, and now K-2 is bonking him on the head. And not even feeling sorry about it!

Of course, since I like both Bria and K-2 so far, that also means Cassian isn't doing too well in the fan-support side either!

I mean, the whole pretending-rebels-are-your-prisoners thing is a pretty standard tactic. Yet another instance where Cassian does not seem very experienced in being a rebel or being in a hostile situation. Both Bria and K-2 seem far more competent.

Except when it comes to subtlety. That is literally the only thing Cassian has over those two.

— aurilee

For this one, I need to go back and review the whole combat. Just to make sure. In 1546, we see that an explosion rocks the tank, but the tank looks like the plastic milk carton carrying thingies. We see that in 1545, more as a troop escort/ammo supply, with a motorized front seating two troopers, and many more walking next to it. In 1548, Cassian is protecting an Imperial tank, and as I'm rereading it I realize that the grenade explodes outside the tank, and Bria is outside the tank, yet Bria somehow survived.

Yet... from 1551 to 1553 Bria is clearly K/O'ing Imperial troops. Sigh. Well, she's selected her side. And now we get picked up by Imperials.


So that fight was being watched by the rebels. Someone had to report back on the success of the operation. Then let them go... Okkaay, maybe...

Then the characters walk a few streets over, into a bunch of imperial troops, and just walk out in the open? Ok, so now the rebel watchers consider them to be incompetent luck-outs. Alright, that makes sense.

Other than that, is there anything else to say besides "Don't discuss your plans in a loud voice right in front of the enemy"?

— Keybounce


Cassian: Come on, let's move.
GM: A few streets over, you stumble across a crashed rebel fighter.
Cassian: That's one of ours. I wonder who—
GM: It's surrounded by Imperial troopers.
K-2SO: Even better!
Clone Trooper 1: You, droid! Where are you taking these rebel prisoners?
K-2SO: Shhh! They think I'm on their side.
Cassian: But... you are on our side.
K-2SO: See?
Cassian: What are you—
[SFX]: whack! {K-2SO whacks Cassian in the face}
K-2SO: Quiet, you.
Clone Trooper 1: Sorry our droid hit you.
K-2SO: I'm not.

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Published: Thursday, 28 September, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT.
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