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Episode 1544: Put Your Hand on Your Hutt and Tell Me


If an NPC seems to be there to drive the storyline of an adventure, make sure to ask them about any people or events or places that they seem to know anything about.

You know, talk to them like you would to a real person, not like they're part of the furniture.

And so begins the hand puns. And Jabba's characterisation! Thank you Annie!

Bria is really just one big walking plot hook. She's got connections to Jabba, the Empire, the Rebellion and she has a tragic family history.

It's probably a good thing Annie is her escort, or else we would have no idea about any of that. Thank you Annie again!

Other things of note in this strip include (but are not limited to):

— aurilee

I am really disliking Bria. I'm actually wondering if she is the R2-D2 of this campaign; the character that was originally loved and friendly, turned into a jerk.

Imagine if you would, that you were a mathematician working for the NSA. Or, a real-life weapons expert, or even researcher, working for the government. Say for example, the entire nuclear bomb program. Bria would consider somebody like that to be a traitor to the general population. Merely because he is working for the Empire, he is considered a traitor to the Rebellion in the Galaxy. Without any regard for whether or not that maybe that's the only place where he could get a job.

Yes, we don't have full insight to Bria's personality. We've seen her for a few minutes of conversation on what might just be a very bad day. Maybe she just got off the phone with her dad half an hour before we started this game.

I am well aware that researchers have repeatedly shown that people tend to interpret what others do as signs of absolute personality traits, while regarding what they personally do as response to what is happening around them. (Yes, that is highly simplified. Please don't ask me to give you a two-year course on the subject, because I am not qualified). We don't know Bria, and we don't know her father.

Now, Jabba. Jabba works for the highest bidder. A cool-headed, pragmatic businessman. It is a common staple of tropes and fiction that a mercenary is one of the most dependable people you can work with, because you know they will only sell you out for someone paying a higher price, not because of personal beliefs. Unfortunately, that's not completely true. It's also the case that there are some things a mercenary will not do no matter what price you pay, unless perhaps they are sociopaths.

If Jabba has an underling named Schlock, then we can worry about that. How far down the rabbit hole do the CIs go?

— Keybounce


Cassian: Great. We've lost the contacts. We'll have to search the whole marketplace top to bottom.
Bria: Should we split up?
Cassian: Uh, no, let's not.
Cassian: So tell me, Bria, why do you hate your father?
Bria: Uh... he's a traitor to the Rebellion and the Galaxy. A weapons researcher for the Empire.
Cassian: That slime! And what did Montoja have to do with him?
Bria: He connected my father to the Empire. That was the day his soul died.
Cassian: Now I understand your outburst. So Montoja works for the Empire?
Bria: No, it seems he works for Jabba. And Jabba works for the highest bidder.
Cassian: Sounds like this Jabba is a cool-headed and pragmatic businessman. I look forward to shaking his hand.
GM: < scribble scribble >

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Published: Tuesday, 05 September, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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