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Episode 1543: Monk Not See, Monk Not Do


If you're giving orders to NPCs, make sure you give them enough contingencies to handle any situation that crops up, or else they might not make very good decisions.

If you're the GM and your players don't give NPCs enough contingencies to handle situations when the PCs aren't present... try not to take too much advantage of it.

I think I had to look at this three times before I noticed: this looks like a blind monk. At least, the eyes look "whitened", without an obvious pupil, like the actor is wearing contacts with a white tint to partially hide the pupils.

And what does he say? "I haven't seen anything". "Is everyone blind around here?". Understatement response to a badly phrased question.

"Have you seen ..."? With a logical, perfectly accurate, "I'm responding to your exact words, not what you obviously meant" response. If this is the character of the character... If this is the personality and characterization of the character, then this should be an interesting run. Like an, "I did exactly what you asked, don't blame me if what you got wasn't what you meant," type of lawful-evil helper type.

I have no clue what trope that would be, other than "Literal Genie". Maybe "lawful-self centered" is more accurate than "lawful-evil". Remember Gargoyles, and how Puck interpreted wishes from Demona? That's the extreme version of this.

Well, when employing one of these types, make sure that your best interest and their best interest are lined up. If their survival depends on you getting what you want, instead of what you asked for, it's amazing how quickly these guys start behaving. Do I speak from experience here? ... Maybe.

— Keybounce

So Pete's a blind monk.

A fairly typical min-max situation (although most monks are a little min-max-y given all their typical class restrictions on armour and such). Exceptional martial prowess with heightened agility and reflexes, all at the price of having no sight. Seems like something Pete could do.

Honestly, it's sort of an over-used trope (also Daredevil). Another over-used trope is having the only Asian team member be a martial arts expert/monk/mystical person. Looks like this guy has both.

But, this is Star Wars. It deals primarily in tropes. So that's okay I suppose. It is what it is.

A weird choice by the GM here is to very blatantly not get Pete into the party. Was he just punishing him for his rather lackluster roleplaying ("I'll follow you for no apparent reason, thus joining the party"), or was this part of the GM's direction, resulting in the rather prophetic statement of "You will"?

And I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but I read Cassian's last line as Annie being sort of annoyed at Pete's "mysterious monk" shtick. I imagine there was much eye-rolling at that point.

— aurilee


GM: Meanwhile, Bria talks to the monk.
Bria: Have you seen two ugly goons walk by just now?
Chirrut: I haven't seen anything.
Bria: You sure? They're quite recognisable.
Chirrut: I've been waiting here all day and I honestly haven't seen a thing.
Chirrut: But I feel like maybe I should follow you anyway, for some reason.
Bria: No, that's not what Cassian asked me to do. Well, see you later.
Chirrut: You will.
Cassian: Bria, let's go.
Cassian: Well, did the monk see Jabba's thugs?
Bria: Apparently not.
Cassian: Ugh. Is everyone blind around here?

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Published: Sunday, 03 September, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT.
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