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Episode 1490: Boom With a View


It's nice to have someone like Han looking after your interests. A nice over-excitable and over-confident NPC sidekick can add all sorts of fun to the life of any hero in your campaign!


GM: Meanwhile, in space...
Lando: We don't know how long this shield will be down! Let's get in there and blow things up!
Lando: The more things we blow up, the more chance we have of blowing up the right thing!
Han: Yeah! That's the spirit! And the letter!
Chewbacca: Letter? What letter?
Han: C. For C4! T, N, and T, baby! Dyn-O-mite!!
[SFX]: Zoooom!
C-3PO: Um. Hypothetically, Lando... if we thought perhaps one of our most valuable Rebel personnel might be on the Peace Moon, but we didn't know that for sure because we don't know where he is, well... you might just want to think about that.
[SFX]: Zooooooooom!
Han: You mean he'd get to see it up close?
C-3PO: Rather too close.
Han: Awesome!

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Published: Thursday, 30 March, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT.
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