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Episode 1424: Gotta Get In to Get Out


The precise razor of logic is the finest weapon that PCs have against cunningly arranged deathtraps and other dangerous puzzles that the are set in their path.

This is why so many of them die.


C-3PO: The shield is powered by the Orb, so it'll withstand any damage we can throw at it.
C-3PO: And the Orb must be inside. We can't get through to turn it off.
R2-D2: Hmm. Whatever the fighters used to get out, we can use to get in.
[SFX]: < ping-prow whroopbing bibuzz-ting doosquee zibuzz-ting >
R2-D2: Right. Ackbar, Lando: I'll hack a fighter's transponder. You destroy the rest. And look out for point defence guns.
[SFX]: < ting-ka-doip foo-doip doop bleep whroopbing pip-dok-kipgi-prow squee poppity befo-whroopbing bebop bibuzz-whroop >
Admiral Ackbar: Command signal nabbed and understood! Grey Two, deploy space caltrops.
Telsij: Roger. Uh... which button is that again?
Wedge: The red one, buddy!
Telsij: Which red one?
Telsij: There's too many of them!
Han: Just hit them all. That's what I normally do.

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Published: Thursday, 27 October, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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