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Episode 1398: Click Here to Read a Free Comic


You can use a simple variant of click bait in roleplaying games. Present some interesting riddle or puzzle to the players, and sit back and watch their characters investigate it to the point of endangering themselves. Because you know they will. It's even better if it obviously looks dangerous, because then they'll start to think it can't be that dangerous, really.

You could even put up a big sign saying: "Big obvious trap. If you trigger it you'll die. And there's no treasure in here anyway."

All they need to do to avoid the obvious trap is to ignore it and walk away. But what self-respecting group of adventurers is going to do that?

This sort of thing is known as Schmuck Bait in TV Tropes parlance, and they have so many roleplaying examples that it fills a whole separate page. (Spoiler warnings for several published adventures. But hey, you're still going to want to try triggering these traps, because your GM might have modified them to be less lethal and more profitable, and you don't want to walk away wondering...)


Chewbacca: And how are the videos going, Annie?
C-3PO: You really should watch them. She went to Comic-Con and you'll never believe who she interviewed!
Chewbacca: Are you clickbaiting me?
C-3PO: Only one way to find out!
Chewbacca: Hmmm.
Leia: It's going well but I'm getting sick of "people" spamming me about putting "ads" on my "web site".
R2-D2: Yeah, I get those on my work address. And I don't even run the firm.
GM: Okay, are we ready to start?
GM: You're on the forest moon. The Ewocs have led you to the Imperial bunker. You see a shuttle taking off.
Leia: See! I told you! They have ships here!
R2-D2: Had.

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Published: Sunday, 28 August, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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