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Episode 1370: Control Nute Delete


Rejected titles for this strip: We Are Region; A Rot of Nutes; Many Nutes Make Right Work; Many Nutes Ago; Innuterable; You Can't Teach An Ewoc Nute Ricks.

You don't even want to see the titles we rejected for the rejected list.


Teebo: But... our Lord and Franchiser lives in the Temple of Dome.
C-3PO: Oh rearry? Surery you must have read that we are Many.
Paploo: The legends are true! Nute is Many! Please accompany us to our village.
Han: Crapola. We deleted you before, Gunray! We'll delete you again!
Teebo: You threat'nin' our leader?
Han: I'll threaten you, you little—
R2-D2: Han! Settle down. Threepio is—
[SFX]: < blip-doip boo-oogoo po-fipgi-doip-bedoop— >
GM: Do you really want 3PO to translate that for you?
R2-D2: Crap.
Luke: It'll be okay, Han. Let's go to the village and then decide what to do.
Paploo: Do you want to walk or be transported?
Han: Oh. Well. Transport sounds good.
Chewbacca: Good. If we're going to rush headlong into danger again, at least let's do it in style.

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Published: Thursday, 23 June, 2016; 03:11:01 PDT.
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