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Episode 1367: Endor User Licence Agreement


Contracts and licence agreements are some of the most annoying things in real life. So adapt them for endless fun in your game!

If your PCs visit a strange city or planet, have it be a bureaucratic nightmare, with everything needing to be approved with forms in triplicate, and a multitude of bizarre laws and loopholes that the native inhabitants just deal with naturally, but which visitors find confusing.

Give them some forms to fill in at the city gate (or starport, or whatever is appropriate) for starters. And don't just say the characters need to fill out forms - make some actual forms as props and have the players fill them out for the characters. Make them declare all dangerous items, without defining anywhere what is considered dangerous. Make them list their last three jobs. Ask for next-of-kin and their contact details. Religious beliefs. Have a random question about whether they eat carrots or not, with no explanation. Ask something innocuous which will actually have a major impact on how authorities treat them during their visit.

Oh, and make it clear that entering false information is punishable. A nearby heavily muscled guy, standing casually with an executioner's axe, is a good hint.


{Teebo points a spear at Han}
Teebo: Oy, you gonna pay for that meat?
Han: Hey, point that someplace else.
Paploo: By touching the meat, you implicitly agreed to the terms and conditions of the non-transferable licensing agreement written on the tree.
Chewbacca: You mean concealed by the meat?
Luke: Why would you license meat?
Paploo: It's a perfectly valid revenue model. You can't possibly have imagined it would be free.
Paploo: Even our level one seminars teach that. It's on page three of the Variant Reader's Codex.
R2-D2: This is a much more devious trap than I realised.
Han: We were only looking at the meat. It practically fell off the stick! It was balanced precariously!
Chewbacca: Don't you have insurance for this sort of thing?
Teebo: {close up face} Your kidneys are the insurance.

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Published: Thursday, 16 June, 2016; 03:11:01 PDT.
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