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Episode 1366: Pay Dirt


Encounters with NPCs or monsters don't necessarily have to lead to combat.

Sorry, we'll just let that one sink in for a bit before continuing.

Rather than attacking, you could try negotiating! This is an unusual tactic in which you use vocal (or other) communication in order to attempt to determine what interests the other party has, and then to try to come to some sort of mutual agreement in which you make an exchange, or a compromise, or otherwise let each other go about their business without fighting.

Be aware, though, that only the most experienced and creative GMs are properly equipped to handle the bizarre nature of this strange interaction.


Chewbacca: Very well. Let us continue and put this whole embarrassing trap episode behind us.
GM: As you disentangle yourselves, a group of forest dwellers surrounds you suddenly.
Luke: Uh, hi...
Chubbray: Well. This is a much bigger return on investment than projected.
Warok: We expected a smeerp or something.
Han: I'll return your investments!
R2-D2: With interest!
[SFX]: < nip-bebleep-pok >
Han: I blast them!
Luke: No, wait! Maybe we can negotiate.
Graak: What are you offering in return for your liberty?
Han: Listen to them, they're not interested in negotiating.

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Published: Tuesday, 14 June, 2016; 03:11:11 PDT.
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