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Episode 1165: Forceful Takeover


CloneBook is a great social network for clones. You're automatically friends with everyone else.


{Vader and troops are walking though Cloud City}
Darth Vader: We are done here.
Nute Gunray: Not so fast. I have full control over Croud City. You are my prisoner.
Darth Vader: Your electronic trickery is insignificant compared to the power of the Force.
Clone Trooper: {marching in background behind Vader} dum-de-dum...
{they depart in Vader's shuttle}
Nute Gunray: Reaving so soon? Why not take advantage of our flee wireless network?
Darth Vader: I think not.
Nute Gunray: Perhaps you'd rike to stay a bit longer.
Pilot: Lord Vader, the shuttle is turning by itself!
Darth Vader: Turn the computer off. I shall guide the ship with the Force.
Nute Gunray: You shall never—
Clone Trooper: Hey! I was just checking CloneBook!

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Published: Tuesday, 03 March, 2015; 02:11:08 PST.
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