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<     Episode 1099: A Man, In The Slam, No Plan: Alponmalsehtninama!     >

Episode 1099: A Man, In The Slam, No Plan: Alponmalsehtninama!


The damsel in distress is of course a standard adventure hook. Which means it's ripe for subversion or deconstruction. Make it a large, muscular man in distress, and see how your heroes react. Or an orc or goblin in distress.

Or going the other way, make it a damsel who appears to be in distress, but who is really über-competent and in no need of any help from bypassing would-be heroes, thank you very much. Or perhaps the damsel is really the evil mastermind and is only appearing to be in distress to draw adventurers into her cunningly laid trap.


Lando: People don't get bounties posted on them for no reason, Senator. You're a wanted criminal. You're going nowhere.
Lando: Freddo, old pal, don't worry. I'll get you out.
{Lando leaves}
Leia: All right. Well, goodbye. Take care of yourself, Han. I guess that's what you're best at, isn't it?
Chewbacca: Have you seen his self-preservation ability?
Han: Hey!
Chewbacca: This is a genuine question. I've never seen it.
Han: We're not leaving you.
Chewbacca: It would be most unchivalrous to abandon a damsel in distress.
Han: Yeah, where would you be without us to get you out of trouble, Princess?
Leia: I wouldn't be...
Leia: Okay, what's the plan?
Han: I get to do that too?
Chewbacca: Please, no.

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Published: Tuesday, 30 September, 2014; 03:11:02 PDT.
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