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Episode 1098: Punch and Duty


The law-abiding officer who gets in the way of the heroes is a well-worn literary figure. Often in literature the officer is mistaken, and merely thinks the hero is a criminal and/or deserves to be hunted down because of some misunderstanding.

In a game situation, however, given the behaviour of most typical PCs there's pretty much always some justifiable rap you can pin on them.


Lando: Hey, guys, I'm really sorry—
Leia: Han! No!
[SFX]: Punch!
Lando: Dude! Why did you hit me?!
Han: They took my blaster away.
Lando: You shot at my guest! Look, this is really complicated, but I think I can get you out of this.
Lando: There's a bounty on Han Solo, but we've just proven you're not him.
Lando: However, sorry to say this, Leia, or should I say Senator Organa, but your luck's run out.
Lando: The good news is I may be able to claim part of your bounty.
Leia: That's the good news?
Lando: Well, for me.
Leia: Okay. Now you can hit him.

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Published: Sunday, 28 September, 2014; 03:11:02 PDT.
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