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Episode 1048: Common Nooo-ledge


If there's anything better than bad news, it's compounding it with even worse bad news. (In a game context, of course.)


Yoda: Wait... Princess... Leia Organa?
Luke: Leia?
Yoda: Ohhhh... bad news this is.
Luke: You're telling me!
Yoda: Very bad.
Luke: I didn't kill Princess's brother, I am her brother! And if Vader is her dad...
Yoda: Actually... the worst, it is.
Luke: Noooo
Yoda: Noooo
Yoda: Wait, why are you "Nooo"ing?
Luke: Because Vader, the most evil person in the Galaxy, is my father. Why are you "Nooo"ing?
Yoda: Anakin is your father, the most powerful and evil Jedi who ever lived, and still alive he is.
Luke, Yoda: Nooooooo!!!!

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Published: Tuesday, 03 June, 2014; 03:11:02 PDT.
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