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Episode 1047: Imbalance in the Force


If something distracts a character while they're doing something physically demanding, it's fair enough to demand a concentration or willpower check or something to maintain control and not injure themselves.

Handy things that can distract a character:


Luke: So, how exactly did I contact Vader?
Yoda: Forged in your past, this psychic connection must have been.
Yoda: Ever felt you knew what he was doing, what he was saying? When you had no reason for knowing?
Luke: Uh... sort of, but that was out of char—
Yoda: No!
Yoda: A reason for this, there is!
Luke: What? How?! I've never even met the guy!
Luke: And he said I killed his son! Was his son on the Peace Moon or something?
Luke: Wait, Princess is Vader's daughter...
Luke: Oh my god!!
Luke: I killed her brother!
[SFX]: Krunch! {Luke falls}
Yoda: Princess?
Luke: Senator Princess Organa...
Luke: She had blue milk too!
Luke: Her adoptive parents were giving it to her!
Luke: OH MY GOD!!!
Luke: She totally kissed me right on the mouth!

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Published: Sunday, 01 June, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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