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Episode 961: Walker Bout


Some magical or psychic abilities have a range that is "line of sight".

You can make an argument that any such abilities work over video links, potentially at world (or even galaxy) spanning distances.

Better make it a good argument though, as most GMs aren't gonna fall for it.


{Darth Vader in meditation chamber}
General Veers: Lord Vader, we have arrived at Hoth. There is indeed a Rebel base.
Darth Vader: Good. Prepare hoverbombers for aerial assault.
General Veers: Er... you may want to talk to Admiral Ozzel about that.
{Vader turns to screen}
Darth Vader: Admiral. Are the bombers ready?
Admiral Ozzel: Bombers are rathouse against shields. I found this bonza stash of prototype tanks. In the demo vids they punch straight through shields, mate.
Captain Piett: The Rebels don't appear to have a shield.
Admiral Ozzel: Strewth!
Captain Piett: Interesting fact about shields: they take an enormous amount of power, which—
Admiral Ozzel: <choke!> <hack!> <gasp!>
Captain Piett: Admiral, do you need a glass of water? An average glass of reclaimed water contains—
{Ozzel collapses}
Darth Vader: Keep up the good work, Captain Piett.
Captain Piett: Oh, thank you for not promoting me, sir. Did you know the mean life expectancy of Admirals in your service is—
Darth Vader: Admiral Piett.

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Published: Tuesday, 12 November, 2013; 02:11:01 PST.
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