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Episode 957: Yellow Card


Living in a vast galaxy, everything in nature should be interesting. Imagine an interplanetary druid, wandering the stars, seeking out new life forms, new civilisations...

Wait a second. That would be...



Captain Piett: Admiral.
Admiral Ozzel: Maaaate.
Captain Piett: Interesting fact: The general failure rate for probe droids is under 0.0003%. Yet one failed on Hoth right after detecting a life form. Quite the lead, don't you think?
Admiral Ozzel: Strewth, mate, that's a bit iffy. There's thousands of the bastards out there.
Captain Piett: It's 2 sigmas above expectation value.
Admiral Ozzel: It's a furphy, mate. If we went gallivanting all over...
Captain Piett: But, sir, the Hoth system is devoid of humanoid forms.
Captain Piett: Except wampas, of course. Fascinating creatures. They secure their prey using frozen sa—
Darth Vader: You found something?
Captain Piett: Yes, my lord. Did you know—
Darth Vader: That's it. The Rebels are there.
Admiral Ozzel: It's just some flamin' drongo probe droid garn walkabout—
Darth Vader: That is the system. Starkiller is with them. Set course for Hoth.
Admiral Ozzel: Bloody oa—
Admiral Ozzel: <hack!> <choke!> <gasp!>
Darth Vader: You have failed me for the second last time, Admiral.

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Published: Sunday, 03 November, 2013; 02:11:01 PST.
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