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Episode 933: Are We There Yeti


Hanging upside down is really underrated.

In terms of places for unconscious PCs to wake up, that is. Villains usually go for the bare cell, where you find yourself stripped of all your useful equipment. Or perhaps chained to a wall in the classic medieval torture chamber style. But upside down has its own unique charms. Try it in your game some time.


GM: Luke, you wake up—
Luke: I'm alive!
GM: —inside an icy cave—
Luke: And sheltered!
GM: —hanging upside down by your feet.
Luke: Okay, I got nothing.
GM: And you hear the splintering sounds of a huge creature nearby crunching on bones.
Luke: Right... Anything else?
GM: No, that's about it. Apart from impending frostbite, of course.
Luke: I reach up and try to free my feet.
GM: Roll.
Luke: 6.
GM: Your hands can't penetrate the frozen wampa saliva holding your feet onto the ceiling.
Luke: Gross.
R2-D2: You'd prefer it wasn't frozen?
Luke: Well, yeah. But... no, but yeah, but...

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Published: Sunday, 08 September, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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