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Episode 828: There, Inside Your Mind


Overhearing conversation between NPCs is a good way for PCs to pick up clues, rumours, and other pertinent information about their adventure. GMs can provide such opportunities, and should keep an eye out for chances to do so that fit into the flow of the adventure.

Of course, the hints that are picked up in this manner are, quite literally, hearsay, and may contain variable amounts of truth, myth, misunderstanding, and falsehood. Untangling the useful material from this is part of the puzzle of an adventure. If the players are clever enough, they can pick up the relevant pieces. If they're really good, they can even use the overheard conversations against their enemies...


GM: Obi-Wan, the Orb housing is empty.
Clone Trooper 1: Did you hear? Apparently we blew up Naboo.
Clone Trooper 2: The PA said it was some sort of "slight weapons malfunction".
Clone Trooper 1: Yeah, right. I say it was the Moon Ghost.
Clone Trooper 2: That's just a story!
Clone Trooper 1: How else do you explain all the weird incidents? The construction delays? Accidents?
Clone Trooper 1: I tell you, this Peace Moon is haunted.
Clone Trooper 2: I...
Clone Trooper 1: Doors jamming shut? Reactor leaks?
Clone Trooper 2: Do you think he's dangerous? This... phantasm?
Clone Trooper 1: He's malevolent, you mark my words.
Clone Trooper 1: Next thing you know we'll be hearing spooky noises in the corridors.
Obi-Wan: I use the Force to make a spooky noise in the corridor.
[SFX]: oooOOOooOOOooo...
{Obi-Wan sneaks away while the troopers are distracted}

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Published: Sunday, 06 January, 2013; 02:11:01 PST.
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