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<     Episode 338: Progression to Level 2 of Multi-Level Droid Manufacturing Facility     >

Episode 338: Progression to Level 2 of Multi-Level Droid Manufacturing Facility


Characters in a game need to react to in-game events with split-second decisions and rapid actions. This means if they get into a situation where things can happen quickly, you should give their players precisely the same amount of time to react. Anything else just wouldn't be fair, after all.


Anakin: So the platform is just suspended over the factory? It's a dead end?
Pete: Pretty much.
Anakin: I guess we risk it back in the corridor then...
Pete: The door clanks shut behind you—
Anakin: Oh.
Pete: —and the platform starts to retract into the wall.
Anakin: I grab hold of the door.
Padmé: I look for a way to open it.
Pete: You don't see any controls. It's magnetically sealed.
Anakin: Hang on. What possible use is there for a platform that leads nowhere, and vanishes after the only door leading to it is locked?
Pete: While you stand there thinking about that, the platform disappears and Padmé falls off.
Anakin: You're not giving us enough—
Pete: You fall 20 feet, so ... 6 damage.
Pete: Oh, and you land on a conveyor belt.
Pete: A moving conveyor belt, that is.
Padmé: Now we're getting somewhere!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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