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<     Episode 337: Initial Discovery of Multi-Level Droid Manufacturing Facility     >

Episode 337: Initial Discovery of Multi-Level Droid Manufacturing Facility


Maps are one of the greatest of GMing aids. A GM can lavish hours on making a beautifully detailed map, showing all the locations and items of importance and their spatial relationships to one another, along with the positions of important features such as secret doors, treasures, and traps.

Of course, the players never get to see this wonderful creation. For players you make a crude copy, showing the bare layout of only the most obvious and gross features. Or possibly you don't show them any map at all, only describing to them in moderately accurate words the sizes and relative locations of the things they see. Or think they see, as the case may be. And let them fumble around with a sheet of paper and a pencil, drawing what becomes more and more distorted from the real thing.

The great shame is that probably nobody but the GM will ever see the fully detailed maps. Leonardo da Vinci probably drew fantastic game maps. And imagine the sorts of dungeon maps M. C. Escher drew. Unfortunately they filed them away in secret places, in the fear that their players would sneak a peek at them, and so we are bereft of their magnificence.


Pete: Through the door is a tiny platform above an active droid construction plant. This map is the level you're on...
{large shot of factory}
Pete: This is the walkway across the top...
Pete: These are the levels below you...
{another large shot}
Anakin: What are those pieces?
Pete: Crushers...
Pete: Guillotines...
Pete: That one releases molten steel.
Padmé: Right. How do we get down? Is there a staircase or something?
Pete: Nope.
Anakin: A lift, maybe?
{wide shot showing them stranded on the platform}
Pete: Do you see a lift?
Padmé: Okay. We loot the room.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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