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Episode 324: Magmatic Attraction


Be careful giving powerful characters to players who are relatively new to roleplaying. Especially if they haven't quite figured out yet that the GM, rather than their obviously powerful character, is the one in charge of the game.


Mace Windu: Anakin, you and Padmé have to go save Obi-Wan!
Anakin: Right. We're on our way.
Padmé: But what about finishing our survey of Naboo's geology?
R2-D2: Good point. Rocks are more important than Obi-Wan.
Anakin: He's in a volcanic wasteland, probably being held underground, deep inside unusual tunnels, carved by unknown forces. It could be highly unstable, the raw energy of planetary birth unbridled in its ferocity.
Padmé: Oooh, nice thinking. Yeah, let's go check it out.
Mace Windu: Good! I'll make the Senate give us the clone army.
GM: You can't do that, Sally. You should—
Mace Windu: Who's the Jedi Master here?
GM: Er... you are.
Mace Windu: Don't you forget it!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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