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Episode 95: Just What I Choose it to Mean


This is the first time any of the players has actually paid attention to the random "alien language" that the GM has been using occasionally to provide atmosphere and set a scene of an alien world. Our GM is evidently not a conlanger.

The language as used in the films is called Huttese, and is a lingua franca of much of the region of space in which the movies take place. It was first spoken by Greedo in A New Hope, and based loosely on Quechua, but evolved over the other movies. There is a moderate-sized known vocabulary of translations of Huttese words and phrases into English, but it isn't as complete a language as, say, Tolkien's Quenya, or Klingon. (The previous sentence is not meant to imply that Tolkien invented Klingon. If only I'd written it in Lojban, I wouldn't have to qualify it now. Although it's an amusing idea.) The grammar and sentence construction of Huttese as used in the movies is basically ad hoc, with no known rules.


{Sebulba sneaks over and does something to Anakin's pod}
GM: Hmmm.
GM: <roll>
[SFX]: SNAP {snapping off a part of the pod}
{Sebulba goes over to Anakin, who hasn't noticed}
Sebulba: Bazda wahota, shag. Dobiella Nok.
Sebulba: Yoka to Bantha poodoo.
Anakin: Cha skrundee da pat, sleemo.
GM: Um... what did you just say?
Anakin: Well you said, "You won't walk away from this one, slave scum! You're bantha dung."
Anakin: So I said, "Don't count on it, slime-ball."
GM: Uh... Wow. I was just using random syllables.
GM: You were supposed to ask me what Sebulba was saying.
Anakin: It's more important to stay in character though, right?
Anakin: Okay, I rolled a 9. Is that how it works?

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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