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Episode 84: Greased Lightning


When searching for an episode title for this strip, we sought out the lyrics of the song Greased Lightning (from the musical Grease).

Wowee, none of us had realised that if we quoted some of the lyrics we'd most likely violate the PG rating of this comic. So instead of getting lyrics from the song, you just get the song title.


Anakin: Sure, this pod isn't as good as the professional ones. I had to rig up the control systems myself.
Jar Jar: Mesa lookin' very carefully at dissa machine. Mesa not trustin' it.
GM: You see some loose wires poking out.
Jar Jar: Mesa tucks them back in!
GM: A massive spark arcs from the wires to your... <roll>
GM: ...tongue!
[SFX]: Zzzzt!
Jar Jar: Ouchies!
GM: However, you also notice a spanner stuck in the engine.
Jar Jar: Looky dis, dere's junk in here. Dis thing never gonna drive unless mesa helps. Padmé! Givin' mesa hand here!
Padmé: Goodness, you're right. Here, let's pull together.
Anakin: Stand back! I'm gonna fire it up!
Jar Jar: No! Waits until wesa gets this outta here!
GM: Make a roll.
Jar Jar: 12!
GM: You clear the obstruction and save the pod and everyone standing nearby from certain disaster.
Qui-Gon: Excellent roleplaying, Sally. Always use NPCs to help with dangerous jobs.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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