Darthpu' Droidpu' je

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<     'ay' 2: maSutlhlaHbe'     >

'ay' 2: maSutlhlaHbe'

<<wa'DIch     <vebHa'     veb>     HochDIch (DIvI' Hol)>>

luch je' QujwI' 'e' lumuSHa'. wa' Doch lumaSchugh, luch luneHbogh luSuqlaHbe' 'e' lubep 'e' lumaS.

tlhIngan Hol: David Trimboli (SuStel), Robyn Stewart (Qov)

Translator Notes

The title means "we cannot negotiate" and also brings to mind a line from a song listing off various things warriors need not do in the pursuit of victory.

Nothing remarkable or difficult. The phrase "with a sword" is well-rendered in Klingon as jIyanDI' - when I wield a sword.

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Published: Friday, 02 May, 2008; 22:18:49 PDT.
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