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<     Episode 1411: Once in a Blue Moon

Episode 1411: Once in a Blue Moon


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NEWS: Besides writing this comic, we are running the mezzacotta Puzzle Competition - an online competition with prizes for the best puzzle solving teams (up to 5 people). We release 26 puzzles over a week beginning Monday 10 October, and have just opened the site for team registration. This is similar to the CiSRA Puzzle Competition, which we also ran as part of our jobs from 2007 to 2013, but mezzacotta is a completely private competition. If you enjoy puzzles, please check it out, and mention it to anyone you know who likes puzzles.

Parley is a great tradition. According to its principles, potential enemies or combatants may meet under a truce to talk and discuss matters of import without threat of being attacked.

This of course relies on the concept of honour: both having it yourself and trusting that your opponent also has it. So things can sometimes get a little sticky if the two sides really don't trust one another.

Which makes it a perfect thing to suggest in a roleplaying game. Have the PCs about to launch the Earth-shattering final assault on the Big Bad they've been chasing across a dozen separate adventures to bring the year-long campaign to a glorious climax... and the enemy walks out defenceless in front of them and requests parley.


Luke: Emperor Palpatine. I came to talk to you.
Palpatine: Whatever happened to the principles of parley? Why is he handcuffed?
Darth Vader: Appearances. It wouldn't look good to walk around with a loose Rebel.
Palpatine: Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.
Luke: Speaking of weapons, we need to talk about this new Peace Moon.
Darth Vader: The Rebels plan to destroy it.
Palpatine: Why? {to Vader}
Palpatine: Why would you want to destroy a monument to peace? {to Luke}
Luke: Your last one destroyed Naboo.
Palpatine: This one is far bigger; far better; far more peaceful!
Leia: Has he ever thought about making his superweapons smaller, worse, and actually peaceful?
C-3PO: So, not actually super, and not actually a weapon?
R2-D2: What use is that?

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Published: Tuesday, 27 September, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT
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