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<     Episode 1031: Wyrm Hole

Episode 1031: Wyrm Hole


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If your PCs aren't able to swap stories about having been eaten by various diverse giant creatures, then you're clearly doing something wrong.

(This piece of advice goes equally well for both GMs and players, by the way.)


Han: Chewie, engage engines! Set thrust on! Turn ignition to... um... go!
Chewbacca: I am so glad you are here to instruct me in the proper operation of this vessel.
Han: Don't you forget it!
{ship takes off}
Leia: Is that a mouth? Are we inside a giant space creature?
GM: A giant space wyrm! With a 'y'!
R2-D2: Dammit, I miss all the best being eaten by stuff. All I got was a dragonsnake!
R2-D2: Actually, that was moderately cool.
[SFX]: Raaarrrr!!!
C-3PO: Raargle, grarg, mllhhuurg!!!!
Leia: Are you okay, Sally?
C-3PO: I'm talking to the worm with a why.
Leia: What did you say?
C-3PO: "I'm sorry, we're being led by an idiot."

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