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<     Episode 1109: Stone Cold Crazy

Episode 1109: Stone Cold Crazy


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Many situations can be helped by adopting a scary pose. If you frighten your enemy, then you already have an advantage.

And if they're too busy laughing at you to fight, you also have an advantage!


Leia: Anything else?
Han: Well, 3PO suspected us, so I suggested to Lando that she'd be a pain in the neck about droid slavery. I knew he'd deal with her.
C-3PO: This comes as a surprise to me!
Han: See you on the flip side, Princess.
Han: By which I mean: I break my bonds, flip out of the chamber concealed by the rising steam, rip open a hose, and freeze the bad guys!
GM: Roll to break your bonds.
Han: 17!
GM: Okay. Roll to leap out of the pit.
Han: 2.
GM: The supercooled alcohol is pouring on you.
[SFX]: ssssssssss!!!... {steam rises from the pit}
Han: Okay, okay. One last plan: I hold a scary pose so that when I get pulled out everyone runs away and we can escape.
Han: While I thaw.

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