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<     Episode 1475: Force Ventriloquism

Episode 1475: Force Ventriloquism


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NEWS: I'm travelling yet again for business, from 19-25 February. Comics should update as normal, but if something breaks I won't be able to fix it until I get home. Please don't email about website errors during this time, thanks!

What is this part of the room for?? It's hidden under the stairs and the mezzanine floor and is all dark despite the lights being on in the main room, like nobody is ever supposed to go under there - but there's a console of some sort there! What does that console control? Why is it there, of all places??


GM: All right, Corey, Annie, you're up. Luke is hiding in the shadows, and Vader is seeking him out.
Darth Vader: You can't hide forever.
Luke: You can't hide from your true nature. You were a senator, and before that an elected queen. You served the people and the rule of law.
Darth Vader: All things change.
Luke: You have compassion. I knew that when I opened my mind to you on the shuttle, and you proved it by letting us through the blockade on Endor.
Darth Vader: That was pragmatism.
Luke: Call it what you will. Millions of people on Naboo knew and loved your "pragmatism" as well as I do.
Darth Vader: Until I blew them all up.

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Published: Thursday, 23 February, 2017; 02:11:03 PST
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