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<     Episode 1188: Mission: Invulnerable

Episode 1188: Mission: Invulnerable


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It's always darkest before the dawn.

It's also incredibly dark when you're stuck in an inescapable trap with no hope of rescue, and everyone is about to die horribly. Be careful not to mix these up.

This marks the end of Episode V. There will a three-strip intermission before we begin Episode VI.


GM: All right, we'll pick up next time Jim and Annie are in town.
R2-D2: So let me recap. Nute Gunray is a nigh-unstoppable sentient computer virus, bent on Galactic domination and unbounded economic growth.
R2-D2: Meanwhile, we're fighting against the mother of two of our heroes, who has become the very embodiment of evil, commands the total firepower of the entire Galactic Empire, and has a magical talisman that prevents her from being killed by any means whatsoever.
GM: Pretty much.
R2-D2: This campaign is awesome!

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