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<     Episode 1401: We Must Construct Additional Pile-Ons     >

Episode 1401: We Must Construct Additional Pile-Ons


It's good to have a back-up plan. Even if the back-up plan is "go berserk and kill as many enemies as possible before being cut down", it's still better than the back-up plan of 99% of adventuring parties.


Leia: Your plan is to do a full frontal assault on all fronts at once?
Han: Never go half frontal!
Leia: We already have a plan. We're going to bluff our way onto the Peace Moon. Quiet like.
Han: I tried that, with the code!
R2-D2: You did that as part of the plan?
[SFX]: < bleep fopow zang dip-deep ping >
Han: Of course! But it didn't work, so we all-out attack.
Wicket: Fortunately we have the assistance of your troops and our elders.
C-3PO: Who are these elders? Why haven't we seen them?
Wicket: They're masters of disguise and stealth. They're in your battalion right now.
R2-D2: Training our d00dz?
[SFX]: < bebleep bebedoop ping >
Wicket: Leading your dudes.

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Published: Sunday, 04 September, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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