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<     Episode 1337: I Ph0rce H4xor teh B1ke \/\/17h my M4d Sk1llz     >

Episode 1337: I Ph0rce H4xor teh B1ke \/\/17h my M4d Sk1llz


Of course there are more mooks waiting to flee and raise the alarm. This is standard GMing practice in a mook fight.

Or it should be.


Han: Fine, if I can't shoot, I'm just gonna grapple—
GM: <groan>
Han: —all quiet like.
GM: <groan>
Trooper 1: Um, this is a secure area, it's not safe for civilians here. There's a group of—
[SFX]: Whack!! {Han flings the trooper into a tree trunk}
Luke: You guys should have waited for me to Force Suggest them!
Han: You could try on those two.
[SFX]: Vrrooom!! {two more troopers zoom off on bikes}
[SFX]: Zoooom!!
Luke: Right. I'll... get right on it.
Luke: I jump on the bike and chase them.
GM: You don't have the key.
Han: Force Hotwire it!
GM: No.

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Published: Thursday, 07 April, 2016; 03:11:05 PDT.
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