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Episode 1010: Namespaced Out


Meeting new characters is always a fun and interesting experience. Or it should be. Inject some personality into your characters so that the players find them memorable. The more personality, the more memorable. You can never have too much personality.


[SFX]: < bapo-kapgi-ding doosquee bop bapo-kapgi-ding >
Yoda: Silence, Doop Bug.
[SFX]: < ping doop >
Yoda: Yes, you.
{Yoda rummages through the camp}
Luke: Not to be insulting, little swamp... thing, but are there any people around here?
Yoda: {picking up an item from the campsite} What's this? George, I shall name you.
Yoda: {rummaging through a box} Squishy! Nice to meet you, Squishy.
Yoda: Hello, Betty!
Luke: Who are you?!
Yoda: Call me Sain. Darth Sain.
Luke: Darth? I know someone else called Darth.
Yoda: A title it is. Title, name. Like Professor Pantaloon over there.
Luke: That's a tree.
Yoda: Shhh! A pile of klee-klees, she thinks she is.
Yoda: She's a little nuts.

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Published: Thursday, 06 March, 2014; 02:11:01 PST.
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