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Episode 977: Get Dak!


You can add drama and suspense by giving characters a strict time limit to achieve something before something disastrous happens. However, if they happen to roll a critical failure on their Disarm Bomb skill one second before the bomb goes off... you have little choice but to let the bomb go off.

So unless you want to injure/kill PCs, set the situation up so that it's someone else in danger. And be prepared for things to go wrong. Because with things relying on player dice rolls, it will.


GM: The plane skids to a mangled halt. Take 15 damage. A camel is bearing down on you.
Luke: All right. I pull Dak to safety.
GM: It's a struggle even getting out of your safety harness. Roll.
Luke: 12.
GM: Okay. The camel's giant foot slams to the ground... here.
[SFX]: Wham!!
C-3PO: That's just one step away!
Luke: I'm getting Dak out. C'mon buddy, you're gonna see Alderaan.
Dak: <moan>
GM: Roll.
Luke: 4.
GM: No good. He's entangled in the wreckage.
R2-D2: If only you had some way to... you know, cut him out.
Luke: The laser sword? I want to save him, not kill him! I pull his arms with all my might!
Luke: Damn. 1.
GM: You lose your grip and fall headlong into the snow.
Luke: I can still save him! I can still save him!
Luke: Maybe.

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Published: Thursday, 19 December, 2013; 02:11:01 PST.
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