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Episode 697: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad


One of the cool things about roleplaying games is when a player comes out with something completely unexpected.

You think for a brief moment that something truly marvellous and new is about to happen.

And then you are reminded again that these are merely your players, not geniuses.


Corey: Okaaaay. What's this thing about?
GM: Well, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
Captain Antilles: {dead} This awesome Queen saved the Galaxy from the evil Governor of Naboo. Now we're rebelling against his evil sidekick, Emperor Palpatine. And—
GM: Your name is Adam Lars. You've lived here on the desert world of Tatooine all your life. This evening you're helping your father, Owen, to buy droids from the Jawas.
Adam: What's a droid?
Captain Antilles: {dead} It's a robot.
Adam: Well that's... Why don't you just call it a robot?
Captain Antilles: {dead} Because we're trying to create a shared world of our imagination with an exotic science fiction flavour.
R2-D2: Actually, what is a Jawa, anyway?
Captain Antilles: {dead} It's a triangular pastry.

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