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Episode 650: A New Man


PCs always want armour. Armour is good. It stops you getting hurt in fights.

It also stops you: moving silently, climbing walls, climbing ropes, running, being able to swim or even keep your head above water, sleeping comfortably, being comfortable in hot weather, being comfortable in cold weather, in fact being comfortable at all.

But all of this is inconsequential to the fact that it stops you getting hurt in fights. So most PCs will always be in their armour.


Anakin: No... no... not a cyborg! Anything but a cyborg!
Anakin: Don't turn me into a cyborg!
Anakin: I'd rather die.
Palpatine: Trust me; everything will be all right.
Anakin: Please...
Palpatine: So much destruction and suffering has been wrought by your hand; now you complain about your own fate?
Palpatine: I need a general who will stand by me and control the restless tumult of the Galaxy. Not a whining maverick.
Palpatine: I am sorry, Anakin; this needs to be done.
Anakin: All the trust in the world...
Anakin: ... can't make you trustworthy.
Palpatine: On the bright side, this armour drops the voice by about two octaves.

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Published: Thursday, 17 November, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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