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Enclosure 50: The Goat, Sucker

Enclosure 50: The Goat, Sucker

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All the best things can happen when the PCs don't have weapons. Consider running a game where they are unarmed civilians, and have no real prospects of getting their hands on anything more dangerous than a baseball bat or a slingshot. Fun for everyone!

In the real world of the Theme Parks & Theropods universe, of course, Jurassic Park doesn't exist. That's the premise of this entire comic, after all. But most of the other things we know and love (such as hyperintelligent theropod dinosaurs) do, albeit modified by the lack of Jurassic Park:


[SFX]: Boom
Tim: What... was that?
[SFX]: Boom
Lex: A dinosaur!
Dr Grant: Cool! What weapons do we have?
Gennaro: Uh... this is designed as a fun, safe, ride. There are no weapons.
Dr Grant: Where's the fun in that?!
Tim: The goat is gone!
GM: A chunk of bloody meat falls on the glass above you, Lex.
[SFX]: Boom
[SFX]: splat!
Lex: Awesome!
Dr Malcolm: You know, chaos theory could have predicted this.
Dr Grant: The theory that everything is unpredictable?
Dr Malcolm: I knew you'd say that.
Dr Grant: Can I grapple it at least?

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