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Episode 2474: Thrown Room


You can make important quest items out of anything. This is different from a MacGuffin, which is defined as an item that drives the plot but is otherwise completely useless and unimportant. But you can take what appears to be a MacGuffin and turn it into an important item. Just add some significant backstory or a magical power or make it so the heroes and villains actually need it to accomplish something rather than just being after it because they want it and no other reason.

Even better is turning items that the players don't suspect into major plot items. An otherwise unremarkable sword that someone bought at a village smithy. That random scroll that they picked up somewhere and nobody ever bothered casting Read Languages on and it's been sitting unnoticed in someone's backpack for three years. Someone's backpack itself.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Wow those are some big fingers. It's probably a perspective thing, but given the rest of Snoke's appearance, I have to wonder if they're a make-up/CGI thing as well. Seriously, each digit is like the size of Rey's ear! Is Snoke's backstory that he's got a variant of gigantism or something?

And no flashbacks here I guess. Ah well; perhaps those'll come later. Taunting Pete when he tries claiming an obvious reply as out of character after the fact is a good substitute. Especially if Rey is getting flung back into a set of restraints. Having the sound effect here is exceptionally important as well. With the lack of billowing clothes to show the direction of motion, it's like Snoke is desperately trying to keep Rey from being abducted by an alien spaceship while they're already inside a spaceship!


Snoke: My Force Probe will read your true feelings.
Rey: I resist!
GM: Opposed rolls.
Snoke: 12.
Rey: Damn. 5.
Snoke: So, your interest in the Dark Side is to defeat me, not join me.
Rey: It is the tradition, you know.
Snoke: Pah! One more thing before we commence your indoctrination.
Snoke: Luke Amidala must pay for what he has done.
Rey: You already asked me about him.
Snoke: He took an ancient text from the Jedi Archives on Coruscant.
Snoke: A record of Force-sensitive lineages, traced down the ages.
Rey: No idea what you’re talking about.
Snoke: Where. Is. The Jedi List?
Rey: Aha! I knew that was an important quest item!
Snoke: So... You do know where it is.
[SFX]: fffflllliiiiiiiiiiiinnnngggg {Snoke uses the Force to throw Rey across the chamber and suspend her helpless in mid-air}
Rey: That was out of character.
Snoke: Lesson 1: Dark Side practitioners are always in character!

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Published: Tuesday, 04 June, 2024; 02:11:07 PDT.
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