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Episode 2448: Even Dumber Than Regular Planning


It's possible to end up with two main characters played by one player, even in a standard roleplaying campaign (most aren't as convoluted with parallel storylines as Darths & Droids). But once you realise how tricky it is to run such a game, there's a temptation to revert back to the standard one character per player. This can be accomplished in several ways.

Only a few of them involve rocks falling.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh hey, I guess Rey is going to get in on the boarding action too. And it's a reasonable enough way for her to get into the current conflict area as well, even if there's still the dilemma of how she gets onboard the Supremacy with such a tiny pod. Flying in behind the mess the Raddus makes with its boarding perhaps? Or maybe since Kylo was talking to Rey before all of this, he'll have a tractor beam pull the pod in once he realizes she's nearby, assuming he picks up his Force Phone to talk again. It's still weird that that's actually a thing, but now it's gotta be considered as an option.

Really, the bigger question I've got is why bother with escape pods on a ship as small as the Millennium Falcon? It fits here as a way for characters to jump around the plot, which I like, but there's not much room in that pod for..... well, anything. No food, no water, no hyperdrive, definitely no room for another person.... And with how big space is, that reads pretty much like climbing into a coffin to me like the comic alludes to. If this was a different sci-fi universe, it maybe could do some hibernation or stasis thing while a rescue beacon broadcasts the pod's location. Maybe it's actually a smuggler's drop pod? Han and Chewie did a bunch of smuggling when they were flying the ship, and I can't see a reason smuggling pods would be removed just for Rey to fly back to Tatooine with the Falcon.


GM: What are Rey, Chewie, and R2 doing?
Rey: I’m stowing the Jedi records for safety.
Rey: Then I get in an escape capsule so they can drop me off.
Chewbacca: At Snoke’s ship? They’ll blast us before we can hyperjump again.
Rey: The modulator I got from Tatooine should let you make a rapid jump.
Chewbacca: It does allow inadvisable escapades...
Rey: That’s settled! If I don’t come back, get those books to Finn. They have the names and addresses he needs.
Chewbacca: Very well. If I daresay, ’tis unusual for you to plan for failure.
R2-D2: There are two main characters played by me. It’s gotta be tempting.
GM: I wouldn’t unfairly target one character because of that.
GM: The Falcon drops out of hyperspace near the Supremacy...
[SFX]: pssshh...
GM: ... just long enough eject the coffin-shaped escape pod.
[SFX]: Wooooosh! {the Falcon goes to lightspeed again}
Rey: Subtle.

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Published: Thursday, 04 April, 2024; 02:11:02 PDT.
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