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Episode 2445: Really, Really Don’t Abuse My Numbers


Side trips can actually be a lot of fun in adventure campaigns. Even if ultimately they contribute little to the greater story, you can at least make them fun for the players. Every now and then a diversion that provides a change of pace can break up any monotony of style or mood in a campaign.

If the main campaign is a grim and gritty fight against crawling evil, then spending a session or two on a more light-hearted romp through Fairyland can be a breath of fresh air, while also highlighting what's at risk if the heroes fail to stem the chaotic tide. And vice versa, a more laid back campaign with plenty of joking around and casual interactions with NPCs can benefit from a session of grimdark slogging through undead-infested swamps every now and then.

Mix it up. And don't fear the side trip.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Well, there's DJ the space-uber pilot in the group now so..... very minor progress? That's potentially one less pilot to look for as part of replacing all those lost in that disastrous bombing run at least. Assuming they can pay DJ well enough. It does feel like there wasn't much point to the casino world visit, though for me, that's due more to the fact that the Resistance was/is still in an extended chase somehow.

Really though, the trick wouldn't be ordering enough stuff to overload all of the ships. Even Amazon can have trouble with some orders, but it's usually not noticed due to the sheer volume they normally handle. No, the trick would be ordering just the right stuff to make the ships disperse or have trouble with deliveries so they don't return quickly. Have a dozen different planets all want the same rare thing at the same time! Have some mining station around a black hole want replacement parts! Perhaps a few nebula refineries that currently have ion storms or something that make them hard to locate? All sorts of possibilities that way.

I wonder which way Rose is spinning the chair between panels two and three. Is it a dramatic turn towards the camera and whoever Finn is looking at? Or is it reversed, and Rose has metaphorically rolled her eyes and gone back to flying the ship. Finn looks like he's realizing just how screwed they all are in his last panel. Or is explaining how screwed they all are, and is loudly emphasizing it. Could also be that he's yelling about how the plot has been derailed for long enough and now is the time for action! Okay, maaaaybe not that one, but he definitely looks unhappy about something.


BB-8: Guys, we have a problem.
Finn: What is it?
BB-8: I’m running some numbers on this spreadsheet of products.
BB-8: There’s no way we can order enough stuff to actually require a significant number of ships to leave the First Order fleet.
Rose: So why did we go to Canto Bight? What an utterly gratuitous waste of time that was.
BB-8: We need another plan.
DJ: Aha! Non progredi est regredi.
Finn: Can I contact Poe on the radio?
GM: Knock yourself out.
Poe: Finn! What’s up?
Finn: We got the money, but BB-8 says it’s not enough.
Poe: So the casino side trip was pointlessly futile?
GM: Look, the whole thing was your idea, not mine!
Poe: Mmm. Must have been worthwhile then.

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Published: Thursday, 28 March, 2024; 02:11:11 PDT.
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