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Episode 2441: Ça Plan Pour Moi


Heroic plans are kind of good, but in practical terms they are often overrated. Sneaky plans are sometimes a better option. Unless you really like gratuitous danger. (Like Jim.)

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I had a thought after finishing the previous comic: Why couldn't the Resistance just hyperjump away again? They don't look like they're anywhere near the First Order ships now that the Star Destroyers are in the distance again and going in the opposite direction they came from, so I don't think there would be too much to prevent a hyperjump from happening. And even if there's a danger of something going wrong with the hyperjump or the Resistance is followed again somehow, I'm sure the now shot-and-exploded ships would have preferred to gamble with that risk instead.

Maybe I'm forgetting my old Star Wars lore (or something new was introduced like the possibly real modulator), but escape through hyperspace would be easy with this set-up. The Resistance makes their first jump, drops out at some point and pulls a quick 90° turn in a random vector, makes a second jump, drops out again fairly quickly, and repeats the angle change and hyperjump a third time. Possibly even a fourth if there's a really persistent ship that manages to follow on the third jump. Hyperjumping through an ion nebula or some other deadly space environment would work pretty well too, like the asteroid field in Episode V. The pursuers have a massive disadvantage because they need to see where their target is going before following, while the pursued don't have that delay before they make their next move. And even then, not all of the escaping ships would need to head in the same direction; once the First Order has been shaken for long enough, they just regroup at Crait later. Splitting up would also counter any other potential moles besides Finn as well, who's not even in the same location now.

Anyway. Poe/Jim has been planning? And wants a super explosion of some kind? Jim's either going to get this ship blown up, get Poe in a different ship blown up, or somehow both at the same time. Maybe involving a third ship as well; only two ships seems a little tame for a Jim idea.


GM: And back on the Raddus, what’s Poe doing?
Poe: I’ve been planning.
GM: Uh oh...
Poe: I want to talk to Admiral Hotdog.
Larma D’Acy: She’s busy trying to save the Resistance.
Poe: This’ll be a good break then!
Admiral Holdo: Commander Dameron. We just lost our last support ship.
Admiral Holdo: Your plan is going great! Now what?
Poe: I’m working hard on getting that money. But I had a thought.
Admiral Holdo: I’m all ears.
Poe: The idea to buy a bunch of stuff and cripple their fleet with deliveries...
Admiral Holdo: Yes?
Poe: It’s not heroic enough. There needs to be some gigantic explosion!
Admiral Holdo: I’m sure if you explain your plan my head will blow up.
Poe: See, now we’re talking!

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Published: Tuesday, 19 March, 2024; 02:11:08 PDT.
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