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Episode 2420: Heroic: A ’Nym Phony


It's important to keep your valuables somewhere safe. A bank might work, but adventuring types tend to be the sort who either prefer to keep their cash elsewhere, or who live in settings where banks might not be much safer than sticking stuff under your mattress. You also want ready access to it and to be able to travel with your wealth to other places that might not be part of a bank's area of influence.

So of course you need a secret stash somewhere!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Is this.... a kitchen? I really want to say that it's just reflections being weird, but my brain insists that there's a burner for pots and pans in the first panel under Finn's last speech bubble. The weird wall fixtures and the floor tiling under BB-8 could also have it be a restroom, but we've had even fewer of those show up. A storage room would logically make the most sense, but there's so much wasted space if so.

It's also hard to tell if this is DJ already knowing about Poe and playing him up or if this is Jim playing up his other character. It would be so in-character for Jim to play up himself as I think he's done so before, but it'd also be easily justifiable since Poe is an ace pilot being sent out on missions and DJ was only invented about 40 comics ago.


DJ: I go put this medallion in my stash for safe keeping.
Finn: Hey, DJ, can I talk to you about something?
DJ: You don’t want to talk with your friend Rose about it?
Finn: You’re a guy. It’s a... guy thing.
DJ: Ahhh! You wanna put the moves on her? Relax, pal, I got you covered.
Finn: What? No! I don’t, er... swing that way.
DJ: You wanna put the moves on me! Cool. Carpe diem!
Finn: No. There’s this guy in the Resistance. Poe.
DJ: Yeah? He’s innocent, I tell you. A great all-round hero.
Finn: He lied to me about his identity and he killed my buddy, Gil.
DJ: But I bet he did it heroically!

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Published: Tuesday, 30 January, 2024; 01:11:09 PST.
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