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Episode 2417: Addressing Problems


There's always that one member of the party who points out all the potential problems with any plan that the groups comes up with.

You need to silence that player. They're just giving the GM ideas!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

A proper library would have nothing to do with throwing books, even address books; that's such a bad way to treat them! A better way to get a bunch of different addresses is to just grab a bunch of property records from local governments and use those. If they're business locations, then fake names for the people ordering could be used as well! Even businesses need to order parts and stuff now and then, and who's got time to confirm if a person directly works for a company or not?

Anyway, I guess Rey actually is wandering the island looking for the slime pit? At night of all times? I suppose Luke would have sensibly shut this down if it happened during the day, but walking around at night is asking for trouble. At least the moon is out to provide some lighting. This isn't the worst idea I've seen so far in the movie, but maybe that's because there aren't any blindingly obvious problems yet.


Finn: I try contacting Rey again with the encoder bracelet.
Finn: Rey! Can you hear me?
Rey: Dang, don’t interrupt me now!
Rey: Finn! I’m in the middle of something important.
Finn: We have a plan to escape the First Order fleet. We’re gonna overload their shipping systems with fake orders.
Rose: Oh, one problem. We need lots of different addresses. Or they’ll detect it’s one anomalous order and cancel it.
Finn: So we make them up.
Rey: That’ll never work. They’ll use automated address verification, for sure.
Rose: Where are we going to get thousands of real addresses from?
Rey: Hmm.... Say, did you get enough money to cover a library fine?
Finn: What? Why?
Rey: You don’t want them to throw the book at you, do you?

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Published: Tuesday, 23 January, 2024; 01:11:07 PST.
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