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Episode 2396: Aversion Surging, Needs No Urchin


Adventurers are often young and inexperienced. The idea being that they gain experience through their adventures.

Consider a game where the heroes start as literal children. There are a games like this! Kids on Bikes and its derivatives Teens in Space and Kids on Brooms. Tales From the Loop. Bubblegumshoe. (There are also plenty of roleplaying games designed for child players, but that's different to a game designed for adults to play child characters.)

If you've never considered playing a child character, give it a thought. Children face very different and unique challenges that adults don't have to deal with, so it can add another layer of complexity and interest to an adventure.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Joy buzzer ring huh? Looks more like a Resistance decoder ring to me, and not the fancy kind like Leia and Rey have. I think. I'm not sure that Leia actually got the ring back. Anyway, trinket gifting aside, I'm not sure how that would automatically make Rose a trustworthy person to the kids. Maybe she just happened to steal it from an actual Resistance member!

Recruiting a gaggle of kids to the Resistance though? I guess it could be better than what they have here. It feels weird to have that happen, even if they don't have parents of their own now. Kinda like the youngling Jedi trainees. I thought that was really cool when I was a kid, but much later I realized it wouldn't just be all super-fun-learn-to-do-Force-Stuff. And now I'm wondering if I missed or forgot something, as I thought the rest of the Resistance was being chased at the moment, and that would be a really bad place for some kids to show up at. There wouldn't be much to look forward to if the Resistance was that small.


Temeri Blagg: What’s yer business lurkin’ in our stable? Gonna whistle for the bobbies, I will!
Rose: No! We’re here to help you!
Temeri Blagg: ’Ow do we know you ain’t spoutin’ porkies?
Rose: Look, I’ll give you my Resistance joy buzzer ring.
Temeri Blagg: Now you’re talkin’ sense, guv’na!
Arashell Sar: Can you free us of this dreadful life of unkempt, downtrodden misery?
Finn: How can we do that?
Arashell Sar: We’ve been squirrelling away found coins to buy our way off this planet.
Oniho Zaya: See the Galaxy, make our fortune.
Arashell Sar: Maybe join the Resistance and make a difference.
Finn: I joined the Resistance a while back and it doesn’t seem to have made much difference.
Oniho Zaya: Yeah, well, we’re younger and brighter.
Finn: Do we have to help these kids?

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Published: Tuesday, 05 December, 2023; 01:11:06 PST.
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