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Episode 2394: Nights of the Found Stable


Adventurers should spend more time in stables, really. Not just for purposes of finding somewhere to stick their horses while they rest in an inn. Stables have plenty of elements for action and mystery.

Firstly, stablehands are the sort of people who notice lots of things about everyone who passes through the area. They're going to have observations on what people have money, or have secrets. They're going to know which horse belongs to whom, and so which is the correct horse to steal or nobble to achieve certain goals. And stablehands are often willing to help out in shady activities for a few shiny coins.

Secondly, stables make good places for hiding and spying. Either you want to avoid attention and seek refuge in a stable, where it can be difficult to locate you, or you might hide there to overhear back-room deals and secret liaisons that other people are making in what they think of as a secluded place.

And thirdly, not every tiny village has an actual inn where travelling adventurers can get convenient lodging. If they want to sleep somewhere dry and relatively comfortable, some farmer's stable may be the best option.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

And back to Canto Bight, sewer-side. It would have been nice to have a little more info from Luke and Rey on Force things, but in retrospect that was a good scene end comic.

I'm tempted to say that Rose's idea is comic only. I'm tempted. But after missing the info about Ben and Luke's academy the first time it was mentioned, and then later assuming that the fire scene was only in Episode VII, this time I gotta say that there's going to be some fun and chaos coming soon. Possibly with a side of those young stablehands showing up to help as well.

My immediate thought is that Rose is going to let the fathiers out for a stampede of some kind. That seems a little too tame for Star Wars though just on the face of it. Maybe it'll be a surprise release so the mean trainers and jockeys can be trampled first? Or possibly I've been assuming there's Euclidean architecture here and we'll actually get a stampede somehow running through the dice tables and slot machines! That could be lots of fun and chaos. And maybe if Rose and Finn are quick about it, a source of some more money as well!


GM: Meanwhile, Finn and Rose have climbed out of the Canto Bight sewer. The stench of a stable assaults your nostrils.
Finn: I thought this place smelt bad... whoof... on the inside.
Rose: Stable? Are there animals in here?
GM: A fathier pokes its head out of a stall, towering over you.
[SFX]: snort!
Finn: Whoa!
Rose: How many are there?
GM: A dozen or so.
Rose: Hmmm. This is our chance to fix the races for fun and chaos and profit!
Finn: We have no money to bet on them.
Rose: We still have two out of three branches of my plan working for us, and that ain’t bad.

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Published: Thursday, 30 November, 2023; 01:11:15 PST.
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