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Episode 2389: Doomed to Re-Pete It


To make an immersive game world it helps to have some history. Just look at Tolkien and Middle-earth. That dude knew how to History. You don't need to be an English professor with an obsession with ancient languages and mythology to establish a compelling history for your campaign world. (But it definitely helps.)

For a start, just give some thought to the following questions and come up with some interesting answers. They don't even need to necessarily be true - they could be legends within the game world that the people "know", but which are merely allegory or myth.

  1. How did the world/universe begin? Was it created, or did it always exist?
  2. Who were the first peoples to populate the world?
  3. What happened to them? And why?
  4. Are there still any of the Old Civilisations around?
  5. What did the Old Civilisations do that current people find strange, or impossible?
  6. What relics of past days exist? What special powers do they have?
  7. How did the current civilisations arise? How long ago?
  8. What was the most significant conflict in the past? Who won? Was the Enemy defeated for good?
  9. What events of the past remain important in the current day situation?
  10. How much of this do people in the present know? Is some common knowledge, or obscure and hidden?
Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

And now it's dusk. Definitely feels like different days that the comic is treating as a single one.

And now Luke is sitting on the floor in the big room. Maybe we'll get to see a better view of the tiling? I was hoping for that previously, but that might have just been a teaser that time. I'm still hoping we'll get something like a dramatic overhead shot looking down at the tile.

As for the underwater oxygen extraction apparatus, I'm completely unsurprised that Han stuck it in something that cost money on withdrawal. I'm more surprised that Pete still went ahead and paid for it, knowing that that's what was inside the box. Though perhaps Rey/Pete didn't actually know what was in it at the time as Leia only found out here, and there hasn't been enough time between then and now for a pick-up to happen.


Luke: I head to the old Jedi Temple.
Rey: I follow Luke.
Luke: So, your next lesson.
Rey: Influencing the weak-minded? Influencing midi-chlorians to create life? Saving people from death?
Luke: History.
Rey: Oh, man. Do I need to take notes?
Luke: Depends if you want to pass. Any other questions?
Rey: Why have you stayed here on Ahch-To for so long?
Luke: You saw where my X-wing landed.
Luke: I would have left, but I must have misplaced my underwater oxygen extraction apparatus somewhere.
Rey: Actually, I picked that up for you. Han had it in a safe deposit box on Scipio.
Luke: ... Of course he did.
Rey: I had to pay 300 credits for a 5-credit gadget.
Luke: And of course you did...

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Published: Sunday, 19 November, 2023; 01:11:10 PST.
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