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Episode 2379: Tac-Tic-Poe


People going and getting themselves captured is always a challenge for a GM. How do you deal with the fact that the enemies have the PCs at their mercy?

You want to give the heroes a chance to escape somehow, without making it seem like the villains are incompetent or weak. To do this you need to give the PCs a chance to save themselves, somehow, by outwitting or outfighting their captors. While, in any sensible universe, they are securely confined and bereft of their equipment. So you may end up creating a detailed environment of their prison, where they have opportunities and makeshift tools which provide them enough leverage to win their way out.

Or you can just go the Batman villain concept and stick them in a ludicrous deathtrap and then have the bad guys run away, assuming all will go well, when actually there's a serious flaw in their trap.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Swimmingly? Finn and Rose are going to end up in a space shark tank, aren't they? I did think that we were still missing the large casino aquarium.... And think of the bets that could be placed to make money on if that ludicrous idea somehow happens!

That said, while it's nice to see Poe again, I was hoping for a bit more than him just watching another ship explode. I wonder if this is just a reaction shot of Poe seeing that ship explode, or if there's something else I'm missing. The explosion looks like it could be reflected into the camera, but it's also lasting longer than I'd have thought between the last and third to last panels. At the very least, I can tell these are different scenes stitched together; Holdo wouldn't have had the holo conversation cut out to show a small explosion in the last comic.

Here's to hoping that we get more of Poe's side next week that might clear things up!


Admiral Holdo: Connix, I assume this is all somehow part of Poe’s plan?
Kaydel Ko Connix: You... could ask him yourself. He’s right here.
Admiral Holdo: Poe, I assume the First Order whittling down our fleet one by one is all part of your plan?
Poe: You don’t want to know how many dimensions I’m playing checkers in.
Admiral Holdo: You’re right. I trust that whatever you’re doing is perfectly reasonable and a great plan that will surely succeed.
Admiral Holdo: So, how’s it going?
Poe: Oh, swimmingly!
GM: Now would be a great moment for an ironic cut back to Finn and Rose.
Admiral Holdo: So...
[SFX]: kaboom! {last remnants of the medical frigate exploding as Poe watches out the window}
GM: I’m gonna need a week to draw up plans for the Canto Bight dungeon. Good night, everyone!

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Published: Thursday, 26 October, 2023; 02:11:06 PDT.
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