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Episode 2341: Shuttle as a Flying Wallet


"Leave it to me."

Excellent words to use when breaking off from the main group to do something. Scouting, creating a diversion, sneaking past guards to open a door, going off to disable to security systems. If you ever find yourself doing anything like this, be sure to utter the magic phrase, "Leave it to me."

Because when it goes pear-shaped, everyone will look back on that and have a good laugh.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hmmm. Yeah, the First Order side is definitely from a previous scene. Or maybe it's from the current scene? Either way, I'm quite sure there's some timing shenanigans here. I'm not exactly sure at which point it would fit better, but I'm leaning towards the previous scene. Unless we get more scenes on the First Order side after this, I don't think we'd get a cut-away to those characters this soon. I think we'll get at least one more scene at the fleet, probably Admiral Holdo and Poe, and check in with Luke and Rey before we have an extended scene involving the First Order again.


GM: <roll> Captain Peavey relays a message to General Hux:
Captain Peavey: Sir. Urgent command from Administrator Snoke.
General Hux: What is it?
Captain Peavey: Their flagship is about to launch a shuttle. We are to let it go unharmed.
Poe: Right! That’s sorted. You lot head off to the casino!
C-3PO: What about Admiral Holdo? She’ll want to know why a shuttle is departing.
Poe: Leave that to me.
Rose: Nice. I love living dangerously!
General Hux: I swear this organisation is becoming less evil every day.
Captain Peavey: Apparently it’s part of a plan... to make money.
General Hux: Huh. I take it back. If there’s anything slippery, it’s a ploy to grab assets.
Captain Peavey: <snicker>

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Published: Sunday, 30 July, 2023; 02:11:09 PDT.
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