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Episode 2331: The Money or the Gun


Explosions are such a good plan that even in settings that wouldn't normally have them (pre-gunpowder fantasy), we need to invent ways for people to blow things up (wizards). How often have you played in a game where there was no way of blowing stuff up? Exactly.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah, of course Jim would immediately think about getting money from someone else. But then he goes and makes a statement like that that seems so un-Jim-like. Panel-six Edgar looks perfect for pitching this kind of crazy idea though. I wonder what kind of idea or mission he's actually trying to pitch here in the movie. Maybe some kind of commando mission to send a counterattack at the main ship? I could see something like that getting changed into Jim proposing an infiltration to grab and re-sell the ship to raise the cash or something like that.

C-3P0 also looks really spooky in the reflection. I'd almost thought it was an ink-black protocol droid until I looked real closely at them. I'm not sure that'd track for an actual reflection with all of the other glowing stuff in the room, but even so, it's still a neat little detail to show Edgar talking to everyone. It definitely clears up my concern that something weird would be going on in the comic with characters not actually being where they said they were.


GM: Okay, you’re all in Leia’s room. <roll> Finn has recovered from the paralysis.
Edgar: Finn! We need a lot of money!
Rose: I’m Rose, by the way.
Edgar: Cool. Do you have a lot of money?
Rose: Er, no.
Edgar: Damn. Plan B, then.
Finn: Wait. Why do we need money?
Edgar: We can’t do anything while those First Order ships are chasing us.
Rose: So we blow them up!!
Edgar: I like where your head’s at, but no.
BB-8: You’re advocating not blowing stuff up? Now I’m really confused.

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Published: Thursday, 06 July, 2023; 02:11:11 PDT.
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