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Episode 2327: Total Recoil


Recoil and knockback are so rarely handled realistically in movies that it almost justifies doing whatever you want with it in a game, and who cares about physics? As long as it looks spectacular and is fun, you may as well just describe this sort of thing any way you want.

And if players argue it's not realistic... well, that's fun too!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Yep, Finn's definitely going for a drag soon. I wasn't picturing he'd still end up in the escape capsule though. I wonder if any of those "mementoes" got hit while he was flying. I bet those'll be important later whether as actual spy equipment or as supplies to just try and run away with. It's not like the First Order fleet has gone anywhere yet.

Good for Ben for trying out new roles. It's good to have a safe role to fit into, but mixing things up now and then is good. Sometimes it works out, and there's a new role to enjoy playing as! Sometimes it doesn't, and there's simply a new appreciation for how the old roles are enjoyed.

Another clue for Pete's campaign! Too bad "crazy hermit" doesn't narrow it down much for me. Large planning session for an open world sort of place, now with a mad monk or something? Depending on your definition of a hermit that'd still show up as a major movie character, that's hardly narrowing it down at all!

And as for the shock prod knocking Finn back without recoil? That's part of the genre of shoot-outs and such, isn't it? There's lots of things that should have recoil of some kind but don't. That said, a half-baked justification just for fun: it's a combination of all of Finn's muscles tensing up plus a miniature arc flash explosion. Muscles normally tense with electricity, and while there's not a lot of momentum from a small arc flash, it's still a very flashy burst of light and heat. With a good portion of the backwards momentum coming from Finn trying to move away from the person threatening him and the sudden heat and light, it's like a jump and a small push all at once!


GM: Annie, save versus Electricity.
Finn: 9.
[SFX]: pow!
GM: Finn is shocked back and slams against the far wall of the escape pod, unconscious.
[SFX]: Wham!
Rey: Okay. I like the new Ben, but... what the hell?
Rose: I’ve been considering expanding my repertoire of roles.
[SFX]: slump {Finn slides down the back wall of the escape pod}
Rose: The way Sally played that mad hermit in Pete’s campaign got me thinking.
Admiral Holdo: It’s like looking in a mirror.
Edgar: We’re missing the much more baffling thing here.
Rey: What?
Edgar: How did the shock prod knock Finn back without any recoil?
Admiral Holdo: A really dark mirror...

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Published: Tuesday, 27 June, 2023; 02:11:07 PDT.
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